Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Organizing Tips: Card Giving

These are colored pencil drawings from a Christmas present that we gave to my sister and her husband. My children and I each drew a picture for the 4 seasons, purchased a decorative frame and made a border that gave the appearance of a window. I'm including it hear as an example for a homemade card, as well.

I thought I would republish a post from my blog. I hope it stirs up some creative thoughts for this new year!

As I promised yesterday, here is an excerpt from "Totally Organized: The Bonnie McCullough Way", on keeping track of those special days and storing your cards...

"Devise a way to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries. One grandmother has a tole-painted birthday board, with all her grandchildrens' birth dates on it. If you like to send cards, you might like to buy them a month or even a year ahead. Address them all at once, and  in the corner where the stamp will go, write the date the card should be mailed. One thoughtful grandfather makes one excursion to the card shop, buys for a whole year, and then puts them in a three-ring notebook that has a pocket divider for each month. The grandchildren love to get mail, especially from Grandpa, and he always remembers! He has a system that helps him keep track.

I keep a permanent list of special days in my planning notebook, and it only requires three pages. When a friend says "yesterday was my birthday," I write it down. Next year maybe I will send a note or give that person a call. As long as I'm making confessions, I do not buy cards except sympathy cards. With limited funds and so many gift-giving occasions, I need to spend the money on the gift rather than a card that will just get tossed away. We make our own cards if we have time. If not, we just cut out a motif from the wrapping paper and make a simple name tag."

(pp.271-272, "How To Simplify Card and Gift Giving")

My Mom likes to purchase cards at the beginning of the month, but she doesn't make them out until she is ready to send them. That way she can include her own special greeting.

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