Monday, October 3, 2011

Still developing...

Since we started back to school, my life has been "rushing" forward like this stream! :) So I humbly apologize for not having posted the progression I promised. I hope to get started on that now.

I'm currently home schooling three of my children. The youngest is in Kindergarten. It has been a precious time of working with her and she seems to be loving most of her new learning...except reading...she seems to think that this is the most horribly hard subject there is! So instead of her enjoying the process and letting us have fun with it she has decided when it is time for this subject we must have a meltdown and not be cooperative...not fun and takes me twice as long to help her get through her work.

Art can be that look at something that you would really like to achieve but you are convinced that you could never do it...why? it may just be that you don't want to put the effort into it, so you will never achieve it!...everything worth doing, will require some good hard effort on your part. I believe that it is a principle in all of life.

Understanding this, is important to undertaking any, writing, art, singing, drama, puppetry, organizing, cooking, relationships...

So in my next post, I will share some of thoughts and wrestlings with starting the piece I have called "Lobelia".

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