Saturday, March 17, 2012

What have I been doing, you ask?

Have you been wondering what I have been doing lately? I thought so! So here are some of the things that have taken my time away from blogging! :) As you know I have a small home business and with any small business, it takes time to "grow" and "blossom". So here are some of my "growing" pains! (and blessings) :)

I had a design in mind and it was not co-operating with me, so I thought I would just "play" with color and this is what I got. Oh, and I added the pressed "branch" in there for some depth. I actually like the look! It is quite different from my usual style.

This flower pot, I liked, but I couldn't leave it without some pressed piece in it! :D

So here is what it looks like at the moment. It is quite the abstract piece, don't you think? :) It's needing something that I can "see" any ideas?

I am really loving "white" with just a splash of color. So this card has some embossed squares with pressed Dianthus petals and small pieces of fern.

Here is the current group all embossed and pressed. I need to add some borders to set off the designs and then they will be ready for the shop (I think). So there is the Dianthus and Fern, the middle card is Lobelia with small pieces of fern and the flowers from Snow on the Mountain. The third card is pressed Geraniums. Something "Springy"!

This is an up-close picture of the pressed Geranium blossom. It has retained some good color from last Summer.

This is an up-close view of a pressed Purple Verbena.  It also retained a good deal of color.

 Okay, this is really not done...I was talking to my daughter on the phone and just started "playing" with a quick sketch of two trees...I will see what fun I can have with it. :)

Yes, another painting! I took this out and dusted it off and tweaked it...I'm working on depth and color with this. I wish that I had taken a picture of it before tweaking it. It is quite different than it's original state. :)

My new listing! :)

So as you can see, I've been busily creating a little more than the mess that has extended beyond my painting area...time to organize my projects, papers and supplies! What have you been working on?

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