Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It is June!

I haven't been posting here much mainly because of my time commitments, but I hope to post more after my children are finished with school. I am homeschooling three of my six children and they vary in age and grade.

My oldest, a freshmen in high school, does most of his work on his own. He follows a plan that I have laid out for him. He is more than capable of researching and reading the materials so I am available for questions and help as is needed.

My next oldest is currently in 6th grade. She too can do most of her work on her own, following the plans I have laid out for her but there are times of instruction and explanation that are needed for various subjects.

The most challenging, time wise, is my youngest who is currently in Kindergarten. She is a very bright girl and picks things up pretty quickly, but of course, she needs me to lead her through her many subjects and keep her focused on the task at hand. One of our favorite times as a whole family is reading together. It is one of my favorite things to do with my children.

So when I'm not giving my attention to my primary role as Mom and Teacher, I spend my time, creatively keeping order in my home and being creative in my shop!

Our garden is planted..the first of the Summer projects underway. My hope (and goal) is to pursue more watercolor and prepare for teaching a basic art course this fall for some other homeschooling students. So I am currently researching materials and thinking how to plan out the course. We will have three special needs children in the group and I have never worked with special needs children before. I'm really looking forward to the new challenge!

Some other goals that I have for the Summer are to freshen up our rooms with a new coat of paint and steam cleaning our carpets.

We have two major areas of work for the Summer...the basement and the woods around our house. The basement needs a basic clean and organize. It has become the catch-all for what we can't take care of through the school year.

The woods are needing cleaning too. We have many limbs and piles of brush from different storms that have passed through, so we will clean as well as cut so we can fill up our wood shed for the winter.

How about you? What projects have you been working on or plan to accomplish over the Summer? I'd love to hear!

Thanks for stopping by! Please visit again soon!

Karen :)

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