Monday, January 28, 2013

Designs from 2012...last post!

I have to say that posting all the different things that I worked on over this past year was such a great boost of encouragement! I truly hadn't realized how many new and different projects I worked on over this past year. Sometimes it felt like I hadn't been working on enough things! So this is the last post of designs for 2012...

This design is actually a "piece" of a picture that I had been working on. I had started working on a small scene and it was coming out dreadfully. So I decided that I wouldn't waste the exercise and started experimenting with blue and how it looks in among the trees.

Summer Tree and Spring Tree

Here you have the same tree, but in the picture on the right, my first design, I have a "bare bones" tree done in warm, expectant colors. A promise of Spring. I used prismacolor colored pencils for this. The second design, the one on the left, is also in prismacolor colored pencils, but I added a background, used pressed wild rose leaves and a few bits of pressed flowers to fill out the branches and I also used a little chalk to give some color to the sky. This was a fun project to do. 

You will notice when you look at the group of cards below, that the upper section of this design looks quite familiar! It is another "piece" of that work that didn't turn out well. This is the lower left portion of the work. A watercolor background with pressed flowers and leaves.

Picture Window Collection

So this year, I enjoyed working with a bright white background and a "splash" of color. If you look at each one of these cards you will see that they are "pieces" of other designs. I already explained Blue Woods and Terra Cotta Floral. The third card, Garden Birch, was added to this group because of a botched printing job. The colors were not consistent and so instead of just disposing of them, I decided to "recycle" them. To this group, I have added Nasturtium Bouquet, an older design that I thought would work well in this application.

Last but not least, my Nativity Set has been the most popular listing in my shop, for the past two years. I hadn't been considering this type of work in my shop, but an elderly friend of mine approached me and asked if I could make her a silhouette nativity for her windows. She lives on the 9th floor of an apartment building and wanted to be able to decorate for Christmas. I ended up making a pattern for a 10 piece set. I trace each piece on 110 lb. black cardstock then I cut out each piece and run them through my laminator and then I cut out each piece once more. So that was 2012!


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