Monday, January 27, 2014

How Much Time Do We Really Have?

"Soft Tree" color pencil, graphic pen and blending chalk

How Much Time Do We Really Have?

We have 16 hours a day to accomplish all that we need to and still get 8 hours of sleep. Sixteen hours, times 6 days in a week, equals...96 hours a week! Notice that I have only included 6 days. We should have one day a week for recharging. So how will we use all those hours? What will be your priorities?

One thing that I have found is that taking one hour a week for planning makes a big difference in how much I can accomplish.  Making 2 with my larger tasks and another with smaller, bite-sized tasks that can be done between 5 and 30 minutes.

I believe that it is all those, 5 to 30 minute tasks that can really push those big tasks over the finish line. Each of these smaller tasks either contribute to the large project or task at hand, or the finishing of them lightens the mental load that keeps us from really focusing on that bigger project.  Either way, defining them is important for blazing forward.

How do you see this helping you to accomplish more?

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